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Efficacy of an evidence-based cognitive stimulation therapy programme for people with dementia. The trial measures the efficacy of the CST programme, with the main outcome to measure changes in cognitive function and quality of life. Read more >>

Cognitive stimulation therapy: A New Zealand pilot. This report looks at the acceptability of CST in the New Zealand context. The report evaluates two pilot CST groups held in community and residential care settings. Read more >>

Cognitive rehabilitation for people with early-stage Alzeheimer’s disease. Cognitive abilities are a crucial component of human functioning in everyday life, affecting a vast range of activities and interactions as well as the nature of subjective experience itself. Read more >>

Rehabilitation for people living with dementia. Awareness of the need to improve accessibility of services and opportunities for people with disabilities is growing, but people with “hidden” disabilities such as dementia can be excluded from these developments. A practical framework of positive support. Read more >>

A look into life with dementia: 49 people tell their stories for Alzheimers NZ. A Stuff News article providing insight into 49 Dementia Patients in New Zealand. Read More >>

Cognitive Stimulation Therapy for Dementia. Cognitive Stimulation Therapy for Dementia. An overview of Cognitive Stimlation Therapy (CST), how it works and the methods. Read more >>